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  • Numerical Modeling 
ATEMIS has been designing and developing models to simulate well logging tools. Through the implementation of suitable methods and numerical techniques, ATEMIS has developed high performance softwares for forward modeling of electrical resistivity measurements tools. ATEMIS carries on developing new models in order to adapt forward modeling to new logging technologies.

Electrical potential fields Electrical potential fields

Electrical potential fields, current lines and apparent resistivities for the DLL tool in a complex borehole formation

  • Data Inversion
ATEMIS takes advantage of its forward modeling codes and experience to develop log data inversion methods. These numerical techniques prove their efficiency for resistivity measure inversion, which is difficult to solve in complex drilling contexts. ATEMIS carries on developments and applies complementary inversion methods to respond to new data inversion requirements.
  • Specific Developments
Thanks to its know-how in scientific modules development and its knowledge of the oil industry, ATEMIS offers customized computer solutions, as for instance:
- interface between kernel computing codes and data processing softwares
- development of automatic post-processing modules
- re-engineering of scientific and technical softwares
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