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Wireline and LWD resistivity tool types
RtEvrest® supports a comprehensive range of resistivity tool types:
- Normals & Laterals: ES logs (N16, N64, L19)
- Russian Array Laterals: BKZ logs (AMN, NMA)
- Laterologs: SFL, DLL9, DLL11
- Induction: 6FF28, 6FF40, DIL-10, DIL-12
Environmental effects
RtEvrest® accounts for the most frequent environmental effects and formations in vertical or low-deviated wells: borehole shape and muds, arbitrary number of layers, shoulder bed effects, invasion, thin beds and fractures, anisotropy.
Borehole conditions
RtEvrest® takes into account the borehole shape through the caliper log and all types of drilling fluids (salt water, fresh water and oil base muds). Open-air boreholes can also be simulated.
Invasion profiles
RtEvrest® simulates complex radial invasion profiles: flushed invasion zones (step or ramp) and transition zones (sloop or annulus).
Rt model types
RtEvrest® can process either log resistivity models (at sampling rate) or squared resistivity models (or block models) with bed boundary definition.
LAS input/output
RtEvrest® uses the widely-used Log ASCII Standard (LAS) file format.
Minimal parameter configuration
RtEvrest® creates its own (default) input data files, which need minimal parameter configuration to start a resistivity modeling job. As stand-alone computing kernel, the parameters are configured using simple interactive commands.
Logging tool packages
RtEvrest® is available through different logging tool packages adapted to the users needs: predefined tool configurations at attractive prices or personalized configurations for specific use.
System requirements
RtEvrest® runs on Windows NT, Linux and most of the standard UNIX environments, as a stand-alone computing code with batch processing facilities or as a library (static or dynamic) launched through a third party platform.

Please, contact us for configurations and price details.

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